Busy Students Succeed

Amy Armentrout
Dr. Armentrout is a busy mother of two, an equine veterinary surgeon in a clinic where she is an owner. She manages family emergencies, client emergencies and employee emergencies on a daily basis. Sleep, family time, and holiday time are never organized in the manner that people would consider normal. She balances this schedule AND takes time to learn new things like Animal Chiropractic which is a way to help her address the needs of her patients in a way that helps to make her life more fulfilling.

Jessica Hedrick
Dr. Hedrick is the mother of four children, runs a busy human chiropractic practice and is co=owner with her husband of Hedrick Rodeo Company. They run a farm where they house and maintain many of the animals used in the rodeo productions. Dr. Hedrick set her goal to complete the Animal Chiropractic program with A.C.E.S. in 2016. She completed the course in three months and is scheduled to take the AVCA exam in September of 2016.

Both of these women live very busy lives. Both of them have plenty of reasons to put off what they want to do for themselves and their professional lives for the “sake” of the needs of others including family, clients, etc. What they have found is that the Animal Chiropractic training has helped in all aspects of their lives. For Dr. Hedrick, she has been able to help the animals in her rodeo company and expand her chiropractic practice to include not only the people in the competitions but the animals as well.
Dr. Armentrout has found that animal chiropractic has allowed her to address more of her patient issues, bring more patients into her care and avoid some of the impending emergencies that would require her to take more time from her family life.

Did these two women need special powers to be able to juggle all these important items in their lives? No. They simply set a goal and kept their eye on the goal. They chose A.C.E.S. because when life happens they were able to move their schedule to accommodate it. When they were finished lab 1 they enjoyed the benefits of what they learned, and began making more money as a result, which also allowed them to use their time and energy in different ways than they had before.

There is not a student taking our courses who does not have a busy schedule. There is not a student taking our courses who doesn’t live life to the fullest. We are grateful for all of our students because it spreads the word and healing powers of animal chiropractic through trained professionals.