Colorado support letter


Animal Chiropractic Education Source
To Whom It May Concern:

We believe that removal of the requirement of referral by a veterinarian should be passed. Licensed chiropractors who are registered to perform Animal Chiropractic in the state of Colorado have completed a minimum 210 hour course on what is and more important for this bill, what is not Animal Chiropractic. The licensed veterinarians in the state have completed more hours in veterinary medicine but have never had a single lecture on what is and what is not chiropractic. It seems to make little sense to require a referral from a licensed professional of any sort regarding a treatment they know nothing about. Veterinarians who have not completed a similar course on chiropractic in animals have no idea what chiropractic is, how it works and what modalities constitute a chiropractic adjustment. By contrast, chiropractors who have completed a course accepted by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies have had extensive information on what illnesses and injuries require a veterinary diagnosis.

Dr. Amy Hayek, DVM Co VET.0006744
Dr. Wm. L. Ormston, DVM Co VET.0007245