Launching into expensive Continuing Education can be difficult.


Launching into expensive Continuing Education can be difficult. Beginning a whole new paradigm of information can be scary. It involves commitment. It involves passion for your work. It involves desire to do more for your patients in a new way.
Launching into expensive and extensive new CE can put a strain on a family. It can take an already busy family and make their relationship more strained. The Animal Chiropractic course at Animal Chiropractic Education Source is designed to reduce these issues for most doctors, making the ability to take the course easier, more rewarding, and less stressful.
That is what we hoped to do. But what have our students discovered? Here are some of the things they have said:
“Getting to the labs enhanced my people practice almost immediately. Diagnosing mechanical problems after they take 1 -2 strides is very valuable. The more horses and dogs you watch the more you will apply what you learn to bipeds.”
Brad Ennis, DC

Which helps make the course more enjoyable because, who wouldn’t want to go home from a lab and make more clients happy the next week? Your client happiness translates in to more reward for your services.
Sending more students to the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association national exam in September each year is our goal. This seems like a big challenge for many people, especially with kids, soccer games, clients, patients, and other things life brings you. Our students have come away from the exam feeling uncertain.
Dr. Ennis also said,
“I was busy with life and only studied a day or two before the exam. I will attest that you know more than you think just from going to the lab modules and going through the lectures.”
“I urge all of you to do one lecture a night or two lectures a night and get it done! We need more AVCA board certified Animal Chiropractors?”

We understand your fears and trepidations. We have even translated some of the issues potential students raise so that even they will understand their own fears.
Many potential students tell us, “I will make the first payment next week.” This means I am afraid to make the investment in my future. My dreams and my goals are less important than my electric bill.
Or they say, “I need to check with my spouse.” Which often means, I am afraid that if I take the course my spouse will experience some degree of discomfort even after I make more money and have more free time.
Or they say, “I need to check the lab dates before I sign up.” Which means they don’t realize that this is an online course primarily and they can choose anytime that fits into their schedule. They are in control of their own destiny, not us or someone else. There are no restrictions. They have 2 years to complete the course. Surely sometime in two years they will find 3 weekends that allow them to attend the labs in order.
To allay your worries, here is what one student remarked regarding her experience.
“I found as a veterinarian, it has given me a whole new outlook on practicing medicine. For the last 10yrs I’ve treated the symptoms of illness. In many cases, chiropractic allows you to address the cause of illness. It’s a rigorous program, but the online flexibility is great! When you start, set your completion goals & stick with them. It’s worth it!”
Andrea Arbuckle, DVM
There are no limits about this course. However, only doctors who have actually signed up for the course can complete it. So what ARE you waiting for?