There are many options for animal chiropractors when it comes to continuing education


Why take CE from ACES?

There are many options for animal chiropractors when it comes to continuing education. The AVCA has approved several programs for weekend attendance that include Comparative Skeletal Anatomy, Advanced Adjusting, Food Animal Chiropractic Technique, Applied Kinesiology and Podiatry Lab. Of these weekend training sessions, some also require prior completion of online lecture material. This online portion allows the attendees to get the most out of the weekend session, spending more time with hands on skills so they can become confident in their ability before adding it to their practice.

Some of the other options for animal chiropractors to complete their continuing education requirements include online lectures offered by Animal Chiropractic Education Source. A.C.E.S. offers over 340 hours of topics in animal chiropractic Continuing Education. These online lectures are approved as regular CE through the AVCA, the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board, the State of Oklahoma Chiropractic Board, and many other agencies. A.C.E.S. is a RAIVE approved provider, an approved provider of CE with the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board and by the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board. A.C.E.S. has also been approved by the Minnesota Board for Chiropractors and can be when enough interest arises for CE. For those chiropractors and veterinarians seeking to gain CE for the dual purpose of satisfying their professional license and AVCA requirements, there are many options within the online lectures and weekend laboratory sessions.

When it comes to completing Continuing Education for professionals, the many options for animal chiropractors offered by A.C.E.S. allows them to maintain their memberships with the AVCA and IVCA as well as save time away from family and work as well as money spent on travel and lost while away from work. Our goal at A.C.E.S. is to serve the veterinary chiropractic community so that the quality of work, knowledge of skill and fellowship of the profession continues to grow.