Today Was Such an Interesting Day


Today was such an interesting day. We had two wonderful things happen.

1) A client sent her horses to us from Utah (a 1200 mile ride) so they could be looked after by an AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor. I am certain they passed by many AVCA certified animal chiropractors but she was most comfortable with us keeping them. We need so many more AVCA certified Animal Chiropractors so that animals can find one on their own street corner. We are grateful that she entrusted them with us and that we will be able to use them for teaching our doctor students.

2) A former student called to inquire how to charge for a farm call that is very far away from him and is for one horse (a 2.5 hour drive one way). We explained that we charge significant prices for this kind of travel because it takes us a long way from our client base. We want owners like that to feel more comfortable bringing their animals to us.

In both of these situations, we would prefer that there were more AVCA certified Animal Chiropractors available to serve these patients. We were happy we could help both of these people. But the idea resolution comes from doctors who take the course.
Are you strong enough to be an Animal Chiropractor?
Some doctors sign up for the course and then never really begin it. They just don’t have what it takes to become a person who serves these animals. They don’t have the personal drive or ability to take the daily steps to get through the course. To become an AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor it takes more than just physical strength. It takes mental fortitude and perseverance. Taking the quizzes is difficult but if you are a straight A student, not completing the course is one way to admit that you never actually learned anything in school except that you were able to pass exams.
We liken Animal Chiropractic to getting into Veterinary School. There are not very many Animal Chiropractic schools. There is a lot to learn for both veterinarians and chiropractors. It requires a complete about face for some in terms of thinking so the learning is difficult. No one ever said it was easy.
Being an AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor is not for the light hearted. It takes personal belief and a core understanding to be able to launch a practice in a field that is frequently criticized by both the public and other professionals who either have no training or understanding in the field or who wish to protect a market share that they could not have anyway. This is a profession that is very much misunderstood and often considered only an advanced method of massage. Its name is used in error and it is used as a mask for the practice of barbaric methods. It takes courage to study and become an Animal Chiropractor.
Can you make a living as an Animal Chiropractor?
In the animal business, it is often misunderstood that we do this in exchange for money, not just because we love what we do. We love being able to serve the animal population as a means of serving the human population. What we do for animals serves the needs of humans. Many humans come to understand the function of chiropractic though the experience of Animal Chiropractic.