What I believe


WE believe that each and every day we all do something that impacts the earth for eternity.
We believe that our lifetime is a continuation of the lifetimes of those before and after us.
We believe that our goal is to make our lifetime the most enjoyable it can be through gracious acts of kindness.
We believe that through gracious acts of kindness we can be rewarded for our work.
We believe that our bodies were meant to heal when placed in the appropriate environment.
We believe that the nervous system governs the coordination of the interworking of the body and that we can align it to maintain health.
We believe that the earth is impacted by our choices.
We believe that food and the animals who become our food deserve our respect and love.
We believe that animals that become our food are better nourishment for our bodies when their bodies are better aligned with the work of the nervous system.
We believe that as teachers of animal chiropractic others can learn to be rewarded for their service too.
We believe we can be richly rewarded for our service to the planet.
We believe that many doctors do not recognize they are simply a marketing arm of the pharmaceutical companies.
We believe the difference between owning your own food animals and buying meat at the store is comparable to the difference between dedicating your work to earn a living and gain satisfaction vs. winning the lottery and not having any stake in the journey.