Case - Right TMJ, Atlas Superior Right, and C3 Right. Sacral Base Posterior. Dog presented with diarrhea, lethargy, and doesn’t want to eat dry food. Client left dog and he reacted to adjustment like a text book.

Case - Horse with significant TMJ/Ear/Poll pain. Adjusted both TMJs (long lever technique as his TMJs couldn’t be touched safely), Atlas Superior Occiput. Superior Left, and did a cranial move as well since he’s a cribber, etc. he was also bilateral AS in pelvis.

Reaction to the poll region was phenomenal. He immediately began chewing and his head could be touched with no issues.


I can’t thank you enough Amy Hayek and Bill Ormston for everything you have taught me over the past few months. Everything from better living for our pets to better living for my family. First gluten free pizza made. Love you guys!

Stephanie Darrow

Love Dr. O and Dr. Amy!
I've witnessed incredible miracles with the pups from American Boston Terrier Rescue and including my own dog Dr. O treated! I have a whole new appreciation for chiropractic and wish we had more vets who offered these techniques along with a holistic approach.

Sharon Hadley Vincent

Friendly people. Miracles every day. There always seems to be some wonderful things happening here.

Amy Hayek