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There are many nutritional myths being passed around from generation to generation and neighbor to neighbor. Dr Amy and Dr. O have been practicing as licensed veterinarians for a combined 50 plus years.


They started out as traditional practitioners and have educated themselves while looking for a better way to practice. Animal owners seldom ask questions when given a pill bottle with a fancy name and long label with print that is almost too small to read, yet horse and pet owners trust that the "drug" is standard FDA approved and therefore must be without problems.


These same owners will spend hours drilling our doctors when they are given a combination of vitamins, minerals and raw ingredients engineered by nature to make their animals better. It is impossible to effectively and completely return an animal to true health without the correct internal chemical components. These components are provided by the nutrients taken in through the digestive system.


Since graduating veterinary school Dr. Hayek has studied the components of nutrition that improve the receptors of the nervous system and ensure that the immune system is optimal . She recognizes signs of deficiency and disease, and the effects of the external environment and the internal environment.


Dr. O has been using homeopathy on his patients since shortly after he graduated.  Together they are able to determine when the patient is missing the necessary components for life and to begin to treat the true cause of the disease. 

To schedule a brief 15 minute consultation to discuss your animal with one of the Doctors at All Creatures Every Spine.  If you know that your animal has problems that can not be solved in a brief telephone consultation, download the appropriate form and we will schedule the appointment after we have received the forms completed.

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