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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas


Equine Chiropractic by ACES

Equine Chiropractic by ACES

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Dr. Amy and Dr. O have over 50 years’ experience as veterinarians.


We offer a variety of services for our horse clients and find that diagnostics aren’t always as important getting your horse healthy and on the right track once again.  Chiropractic is the basis for our wellness plans.  The Central Nervous System controls everything in the body.  We will usually start with a chiropractic exam and adjustment, branching into other modalities in the more complicated cases.  Drugs and surgery are always the last resort unless necessary.

Dr. Amy and Dr. O developed a chart to remind you of the magic of chiropractic. Use it to help understand the function of the nervous system in their animals. To be healthy it is essential that the nervous system function properly and free from any interference caused by subluxations. Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit. This can adversely affect the function of various parts of your animal’s body, and ultimately its health. These charts are designed to give you a look at just some of the relationships between the areas of the spine and nervous system.


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Yes, No, Maybe

Older Horses

Seasonal Changes

Stress Response


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