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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

Nutritional Consultation

It is impossible to effectively and completely return an animal to true health without the correct internal chemical components. These components are provided by the nutrients taken in through the digestive system. Dr. Hayek has spent the last four years studying the components of nutrition that improve the receptors of the nervous system and ensure that the immune system is optimal. She recognizes signs of deficiency and disease, and the effects of the external environment and the internal environment. Dr. Amy and Dr. O can determine where the patient is missing the necessary components for life and to begin to treat the true cause of the disease. There is only one disease, cellular dysfunction. Finding the cause of this disease through the components of the internal and external environment are the first part toward the solution.  To see if your animal might have a metabolic issue check out this brochure.

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 The large corporations that control Animal Nutrition have led us to believe many things in order to sell their waste product laden food and then the supplements needed for healthy animals.  When you calculate the cost of all supplements and medications, as well as the actual “food” you are putting in the feed bowl or bucket.  To see some of these myths look at these booklets. 


Nutrition Alone


Dog Day

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