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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

Sports Medicine

Both Dr Amy and Dr O consider themselves fortunate to be able to work on animal athletes. These patients exhibit great pride and character in completing their chosen profession. The human - animal bond shows some of its finer moments when we get to examine the connections between champion animal athlete and handler/owner. The stress of competition and traveling puts as much stress on the animal’s immune and nervous systems as it does their human counterparts. Dealing with the problems of an animal athlete usually requires knowledge and incorporation of most of the modalities used by the doctors. Successful treatment must also involve knowledge of the movements involved in the sport.


Dr. Amy and Dr. O try to learn as much about each of the sports that their patients are involved in as possible. Their equine patients include all disciplines from 3 day eventing to roping, with almost every other equine sport included. Canine patients have won their classes at West Minster and National agility competitions. Winners from the Quarter Horse World and the National flyball dog champions call on these doctors when they need fine tuning. Both doctors would love to help you with your athlete.

Unbalanced Horse

Agility Dogs

Barrel Horse

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