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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

Vaccine Information

Who are vaccines for?

Vaccines are approved for use in healthy animals. Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living being. Any use of vaccines in animals with a recent history of disease must be considered extra-label use and requires a prescription. If you animal friends have had any kind of infection or inflammation in the past 6 months, they may not be considered healthy.


Inflammation is a complex response to environmental stimulus. In order for your animals’ vaccination to be effective they must possess an intact functioning immune system. If your animals have a history of immune mediated (arthritis), metabolic (hypo or hyperthyroidism) or ongoing problems (non-healing wounds, swellings, etc.) they shouldn’t be considered healthy. 

For More Information about Vaccines, Download our Vaccine Handout by Clicking the Image Below:

Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

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