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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

Other Animals

Dr. Amy and Dr. O have over 50 years’ experience as veterinarians.


We offer a variety of services for our unique animal clients and find that diagnostics aren’t always as important as finding a way to get your animal’s healthy and on the right track once again.  Chiropractic is the basis for our wellness plans.  The Central Nervous System controls everything in the body.  We have conducted clinical trials on the use of chiropractic in chickens and have proven it works.  Dr. Amy and Dr. O have adjusted adult giraffes and camels, as well as day old porcupines.  Some of the most common patients are youth show animals and the young owners of these animals are quick to bring them in for a recheck when needed.  They have addressed herd problems is animals that are difficult to confine with hands free healing modalities.  Former clients have had herds of giraffes, camels, exotic deer, and wild horses to mention a few.  Contact them today to see what their recommendations are for your animals.


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