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Animal Chiropractic Clinic

Animal Owners have Complex Animal Health Problems that are solved with a simple plan using Animal Chiropractic.

Meridian, TX

Animal Chiropractor
Meridian, Texas

Animal Chiropractic Clinic Meridian, Texas


Animal Chiropractic Clinic

Animal owners spend thousands of dollars searching for the solutions to their animal health issues with no results.


Animals die because veterinarians run out of ways to help them.

At All Creatures Every Spine, we solve animal health issues with animal chiropractic.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, animal owners find they had the answer all along with the help of the doctors at A.C.E.S.

Animal Chiropractors


(843) 900-1502


Your animal isn’t right
It might be in pain
It might be a pain to care for


Solving animal health issues can be confusing
Make an appointment to begin the simple steps toward health
Your animals are a big responsibility.  
Caring for them when they are healthy or sick can both be complex and confusing.
Animal Chiropractic
Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas
If only there was an easy way to solve their health issues. 
And maintain their health.
At All Creatures Every Spine we help our clients establish plans to get and keep their animals healthy.
  • Based on regular chiropractic care

  • Sound nutrition 

  • Targeted exercise


A.C.E.S. has helped owners save thousands of lives.

Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas


Just want to send an update. Tux seems to have a little bit of hearing back. I have to talk pretty loud and I don’t really think he’s hearing full words. Sometimes he seems to hear just a portion of the noise and looks around like he doesn’t know what the sound is and where it is coming from.  But hey, it’s something and I’m happy for that. Had 2nd adjustment w Andie on Monday.  Next adjustment is set for 3 wks.  

Sharon V

Cute & informative video! Animal chiropractic (through ACES) extended our 13 year old Australian Shepherd's life-to a happy 16 year old, who just recently passed. We take our dogs monthly for maintenance now. Dr Amy & Dr. O are great!

🐾🐾. Charlie S.

If you’re near Meridian, TX give yourself the gift of knowledge. Dr.O & Dr. Amy are pioneers in their field. I wish I was closer, I’d be FrontRowJoe! Tell them hello for me if you go🍀💗 Bill Ormston.  Whitney Bettis.  New Boston, TX. Talking about dinner with the doctors.

Incredible difference in my elder Lab's mobility, pain level and demeanor since starting adjustments! 🎯.

Rebecca G.B.

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Our Doctors will plan a solution that solves the cause, not one that is worse than the illness
Feel confident in caring for your animals on a day to day basis
Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas


Dr. Amy has been in private veterinary practice since 1998.  Horses are her special animal, though she has worked on a lot of species.  She recognizes that all animals follow the laws of nature.

Her goal is to help animal owners become empowered to help their animals stay healthy.


Dr. O started his veterinar career like a lot of veterinarians.  He started out thinking he wanted one thing, only to find out that the glittz and the glamour of being it was not what he wanted. Dr. O was sure he was going to be a bovine exclusive veterinarian.  After working in and owning several practices, he discovered that he really cared more about his family and their health, and wanted to use his knowledge to help them too.

Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

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