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Animal Chiropractor in Meridian, Texas

Dr. Bill Ormston

Dr. O started his veterinary career like a lot of veterinarians.  He started out thinking he wanted one thing, only to find out that the glitz and the glamour of being it was not what he wanted. Dr. O was sure he was going to be a bovine exclusive veterinarian.  After working in and owning several practices, he discovered that he really cared more about his family and their health, and wanted to use his knowledge to help them too.

That is when he discovered animal chiropractic.  Through animal chiropractic, Dr. O found a sense of belonging, as well as an opportunity to help animal patients resolve their ailments.

Through the friendships and colleagues he met in the animal chiropractic profession, he learned many ways to help his family heal as well.

Animal chiropractic helped him to build a foundation for understanding health in animals that he was eager to share with other doctors like himself.  Because of this he has been the backbone of more than one animal chiropractic program.

He continues to find innovative ways to help animal chiropractors grow their practice, educate their clients and help more animals.


Dr. Bill Ormston is also a well-known published author.

To learn more or to ORDER your copy of:

"Yes It's Really a Thing!" 


Dr. Bill's Personal Story 

Dr. Bill Ormston



Dr. Bill Ormston, DVM -- Dr. Ormston (Dr. O to most) is the eldest son of teachers from Marshalltown, Iowa.  He started out in private practice and owned one in Hays, Kansas and one in Climax Springs, MO before moving to Celina, TX.  In 1998 he attended Options for Animals and earned his certificate in Animal Chiropractic.  Following his move to Texas he found himself in need of continuing education for the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and sponsored a conference in Dallas, TX at Parker Chiropractic College.  Soon after this endeavor he founded the Animal Chiropractic Program at Parker Chiropractic College with the sponsorship of the continuing education department.


In conjunction with his partner, Dr. Amy Hayek, he founded and currently teaches for Animal Chiropractic Education Source, the only online course with both AVCA approval and SCAV CE approval.


His speaking endeavors include the American Veterinary Medical Association, Equine Affair, the Hoosier Horse Fair, the Iowa Horse Fair, The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, the Southeastern Veterinary Conference and the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  He has published in numerous trade journals regarding animal husbandry, including the Holistic Horse, Animal Wellness, Equine Wellness, Canine Wellness and Elite Equestrian.


Dr. Amy Hayek and Dr. Bill Ormston cohosted the 2010 cable television show Harmonizing Your Horses’ Health.  The 26 episodes have aired on various stations within the United States, Australia, South America and Japan.  Segments of the show have also been seen during the World Equestrian Games and various sporting events.   


As a result of the demand for more in-depth information from the TV show, they now teach courses to veterinarians and animal owners.  


This dynamic duo is out to educate the world about animal chiropractic, animal health, and food health through their courses on Food Animal Chiropractic, the only one approved by the AVCA.


Dr. Bill is here to:

  • How to help you and your animals overcome stress with health, wellness and productivity.

  • How to help you and your animals live a more vibrant life!

  • How to determine when you and your animal’s neurological health may be challenged.

  • How to practice more ergonomically correct

  • How to develop strategy’s for peak performance – athletic or rate of gain.

  • How to treat your animals in a more holistic environmentally friendly manner congruent with your beliefs and values


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