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The Chiropractic Time Machine

Do you have a time machine?

That would be one way to prove that animal chiropractic prevents illness or injury.

It would also be the only way to see if any other treatment prevents injury or illness.

Chiropractic for your animals is about Today, not something that might happen tomorrow.

It is about removing the interference in your animal so that your animal has better health today.

Waiting until the interference causes a catastrophic injury or illness is only a matter of time in animals who are not regularly adjusted.

Many of you only consider going to the doctor when you have an injury or illness you can't get over "on your own".

It has not occurred to most of us that we get over a LOT of things "on our own".

How many of those issues could we have AVOIDED? There must have been something leading up to it. Then we wouldn't have to get over it, it just would never have happened.

Animal Chiropractic solves injury and illness before it is visible or even detectable by traditional medicine.

Animals who get their spines checked regularly seldom have reasons to seek emergency care.  Would they have had issues otherwise?  The only way to know would be to have a time machine to see if they had issues without chiropractic, then go back in time and add chiropractic to their treatment plans.

Regularly scheduled animal chiropractic visits, like regular haircuts, keep your animals in top shape and looking great.

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