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Proven Results - How Animal Chiropractic Allows the Body to Heal From Above, Down, and Inside Out

Animal Chiropractic Adjustment

What is animal chiropractic? We just got done with a busy day and I saw a bunch of dogs. 

We saw performance dogs, we saw paralyzed dogs, we saw dogs that are old and geriatric. We saw dogs that compete at high levels and low levels. And everybody that came in are all very happy with the results they get. 

Is chiropractic fixing these animals? No. Chiropractic doesn't fix anything. What animal chiropractic does is remove interference from the nervous system which we call a subluxation. These subluxations cause problems with the communication between the brain and the rest of the body of your dog. By removing these, we allow the brain to be able to truly understand what's going on. We allow the brain to be able to understand what the feet are feeling or how the stomach should move. 

One of the gentlemen asked me today, it was his second visit and his dog was doing great. Musculoskeletal issues came in and somebody said your dog needs hip surgery. We adjusted the dog on the first visit and he said the dog's 95% better. In fact, he's back to where he was about three months ago. He said, “You know, now that we think about it, he's always had a problem with that leg”. So he said, do you think it'd ever go away? I said we're just going to have to continue and see. He said, "Are you just a musculoskeletal doctor and I come to you when there are problems or do you still see sick dogs too?". I said we see all animals. It doesn't matter what's wrong with them. What we do is check for the presence of these vertebral subluxations and we remove those vertebral subluxations and see what happens. Let's try this. I know people are like “Oh we just try it”. 

Veterinary Care

When I was practicing regular traditional veterinary medicine, I would often say hey let's try this pharmaceutical, let's try this antibiotic because we never know what any given reaction is going to be in a body. You can have two dogs that are siblings, give them the same treatment, and the same food and you'll end up with different results. So what I told him was, let's try it. We've seen dogs that come in with problems eating or that won't eat. We have dogs that are urinating too much. Saw one dog today that used to wear a diaper 24-7. And they said, you know this dog is never going to have control of its bowel or bladder and we've been seeing that dog for about six months now, and all of a sudden guess what, no diaper! They say he's doing great, doesn't have any problems with bladder or bowel control, and his attitude is better. He's a much nicer dog to be around.

Animal Chiropractic Care

So does your dog, horse, or cat need to see an animal chiropractor? The answer is yes. He might need to see a traditional veterinarian as well. Who can decide that? Probably only the certified animal chiropractor. If that happens to be your veterinarian, great! If not, go see the animal chiropractor because every certified animal chiropractor in your state knows what animal chiropractic is. They know what patients will benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. Not every veterinarian in your state knows and understands what animals will respond well to chiropractic care or which ones would benefit from a chiropractic adjustment because traditional veterinarians do not know how to look for the presence of vertebral subluxation. 

Sometimes they show up on X-rays and sometimes do not. I see a lot of X-rays that traditional veterinarians have looked at and said there's nothing wrong with this x-ray. And from a veterinary standpoint, I agree. But from a chiropractic standpoint, there's a vertebral subluxation. So, does your animal need to see a chiropractor? You bet. In animal chiropractic, musculoskeletal, and gastrointestinal, the brain controls every organ in the body. And the body heals above, down, and inside out. That's what animal chiropractors do.

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