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Animal Chiropractic Clinic Chatter Blog

Hello and welcome to the Animal Chiropractic Clinic Chatter Blog. A blog where Dr O. from All Creatures Every Spine interviews doctors and animal owners that utilize animal chiropractic to get their unique perspectives. Yes it's really a thing Dr. O utilizes his 30 years of experience as both an animal chiropractor and veterinarian and to dig deep into the discussion of complex issues affecting the lives of your animal friends and companions.

Thanks for checking out our blog! For this portion of the episode as Dr O. begins to answer the question, what is animal chiropractic? He will look at how the chiropractic adjustment is a valuable and viable treatment for what ails your animals. So what is animal chiropractic?
Let’s discuss it! Animal chiropractic is a modality that utilizes the body's inherent ability to heal itself as the main treatment method. Basically what this means is that, when an animal is born that has a spine, it has the innate ability to control its own body. This thing is called homeostasis, which means that the body likes to maintain a nice environment, it's wild sometimes the dog, your dog burrows under a cupboard and covers. It's why sometimes the horses head downwind or look into the wind or look crossways or get into shelter, it's all about the body's innate ability to know when and where to go. As long as we stay out of the body's way then then it will be healthy. Now I know we do a lot of things to our animals that may get into nature's way.
Alright this is where animal chiropractic removes vertebral subluxation, it removes interference from the nervous system. The nervous system of the brain has to be able to talk to the finger, to the paws, to the tail and to all organs in the body in order for us to have a healthy lifestyle without any interference whatsoever between the brain and the end organ. Things are going to get faulty just like when your cell signals only one instead of five you only hear about every third word ,and you don't get the right stuff from the store, you go to the wrong restaurant or something happens and it doesn't work. So what our job is as animal chiropractors is to remove the nervous system interference and let the body heal itself. There's three things that cause; what we call subluxations; thoughts, dramas and toxins. We think about things like, well my dog has never had any trauma, my horse has never had any trauma, but how many times have you just sat too long and you go to get up and your legs are asleep? That's a trauma. When we go to the grocery store and we step off the curb you don't necessarily fall but that can be a micro trauma and it can cause problems. So traumas don't have to be hit by a car, or flipping, going over a steep hill or jumping, there can be a lot of these micro traumas. A lot of these small traumas add up. Well, my dog doesn't live a stressful life, I mean he lays on the couch all day. That's what he does, but you know when the can opener goes off and he runs out to the kitchen and it's not dog food, when you go to the refrigerator and open it up and he's there and it's not dog food, how come you're not feeding me? That's stressful; my owner's home at 5: 30 every night and here it is, you know 10 minutes late, where is he at? Did he abandon me? How come he's not home? All that kind of stuff is stressful for an animal, we have a dog, we'll be watching movies and the music gets to the scary part and he crawls up in somebody's lap, so for him that's stressful.
Then we get to the toxin part, toxins in our environment are rampant. Phytoestrogens, all kinds of stuff food that should be eaten raw we cook to 360 degrees, all kinds of stuff the body's not allowed to digest properly, so those are all toxins that can all cause subluxations. Thoughts, traumas and toxins can cause vertebral subluxation. Now if your animal has one of these subluxations it's not going to communicate with its body, so an animal chiropractor certified in animal chiropractic can treat it. Make sure they're certified and can remove these vertebral subluxations to help restore your animal to optimal wellness.
Next time we'll talk about some more!
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And as Paul Harvey used to say
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